Happy Easter!

Dear readers,

I would like to say I was organised enough to ensure some delightful Easter reading content was ready for you but alas, I have been busy with work and online university assignments and now we are travelling and my work hours are longer.

So it seems apt to instead wish you all a Happy Easter however you will celebrate, being Good Friday. I like the idea, the irony, that this is the day where I have been forced to take pause.

Normally I don’t celebrate Easter. I haven’t since I was a teenager. Where time and opportunity allowed, I would always be the one road-tripping somewhere for Easter. Or using the time to get work and projects done. I might eat a piece of chocolate at some point on the weekend or eat a hot cross bun, but that’s as far as it goes.

Yet maybe there is some feeling of belonging and understanding here in the minimalism perspective. I don’t succumb to buying too much. I see my family if I’m in my home city but never at Easter. The Easter Bunny delivers me money instead of eggs. I enjoy a nice weekend of rest and relaxation typically – which to me is kind of the point.

But still I feel clueless and lonely at Easter. Like I have lost the ability to do special rituals for myself that in time will become tradition. In some ways I think bearing children will solve that. Who to help me delight better in life than children?

Not all of you have children. Some will, some won’t. How you celebrate Easter may vary because of the presence of children or lack thereof, as children do add magic to holidays like this. So I want to ask you today, regardless of who you are, how do you celebrate Easter, and what things do you do to make it meaningful and memorable? For yourself, you and your partner or you and your family? Share with me here, I want to learn some things.

Thanks in advance, Sophie.

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