The End.

It’s been a pretty big year for all of us. For me, it has encompassed a lot of transition, changes, and complete adjustment to a new plan that I’m still developing. A lot weighs on my mind, and I’m trying to figure out ways to remove some of that load in order to learn to have better balance and stronger focus on the endeavours I choose to keep.

For this reason, fresh from my big win of moving out of storage and completing the last move of my things into my home, at long last, I’ve decided to bring Life With Less to an end. I have written content for the last 8 years, over 50 posts, and it has been such an instrumental part of processing and assessing what I own, in order to learn to make decisions about parting with items. I’ve grown up, been through nearly a decade’s worth of life changes and then some, and celebrated a lot of mini wins along the way. Publicly posting has been a form of accountability. It’s also served as a memento of the journey.

I hope in a few months, once things settle more, I can write maybe two more posts that are still dancing around my head, a big one being that I’ve done it! I’ve finally gotten rid of all the stuff I don’t need, and am moving forward into the future of dealing with only daily/current clutter. Maybe that’s a pipe dream, I don’t know.

For now, I thank my subscribers for allowing me to land in your inboxes once a week for the last few years. Thanks to other readers who have read a piece of my story. I wish you all well. The blog will still remain live, for those who’d like to go back through the archives to read more of my story or to get some perspective on a given declutter topic.

I can be reached under my real name of Rebecca, at the following if you have any queries or would like to learn a little more about my travels:

Thanks again, and happy decluttering! I’m so glad to be mostly living on the flipside, in the land of intentionalism and minimalism. All the best!