Frugal is Not a Dirty Word

Last week I introduced a month of posts dedicated to intentionalism, and I kicked off with a post about what it means to be intentional. This week looks at the first logical step, intentional spending. Which is basically, asking yourself a lot of questions before you buy. Many would say it is about living frugally. Frugal is not a dirty word. Yes, there are some people who take it to the extreme, but there can be many advantages to consciously thinking about, spending and saving your money. I went off to the Middle East for three years after living in poverty as a university student. And the money I saved from living frugally in that time paid off an old car purchase, bought a new car on my return home, paid off two credit card debts, two university degrees, saved enough to travel for months after I left, and all the while, flew business class and stayed in apartment hotels each year during vacations. How? Everything I did, came from intentional thought. Continue reading

Cutting the Credit Cord

Recently I have taken a moment of pause, appreciating the steps I have been taking to rid my life of unnecessary things. Steps like a commitment to saving money. Because just four months into my new job, I cleared all of my monthly bills (my day to day living expenses are covered through my job). I paid off a year on my storage unit. Ok, it’s not gone entirely but at least rent is covered for a while. I also paid off both of my credit cards. Hooray! Kudos to me. How lovely is that feeling to know that when I’m too busy scrambling to work out what day it is, I don’t need to work out what the date is as well to see if I’m early or late to pay bills. Unwanted bills at that. Continue reading