Things have evolved pretty quickly in a good way lately. Firstly, I freighted my car from Adelaide and it’s now, finally, with me once again. You have no idea how helpful this is, because I’m sporting a hip injury at the moment that flares up with too much walking. But it also means I can transport stuff to and from the storage unit up the road without lugging it by hand. Furthermore, my November lease end is rapidly encroaching and causing me worry because there is still so much uncertainty. So, despite it feeling a tad early, I approached my realtor and asked if an extension on the lease was possible, and the short answer was yes. Hooray! It feels like this month I have managed to lighten my worry load significantly just with these two details. But it got me pondering the fate of my storage unit, which I had planned to get rid of this year once and for all, forever, once I moved and no longer needed the boxes it held temporarily. Whatever to do?

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