The cat

I am not a cat person. Not really much of an animal person at all. But in the great binary question of dogs versus cats, I suppose I am a dog person. If I had to choose.

With great reluctance back in October, I took in a week-old abandoned stray kitten I found on the property and nursed it toward better health. Having spent years as a nanny of babies, I was kind of awestruck how much tinier and more vulnerable this kitty was, this baby who fit in my hand, with his big eyes looking up at me in total dependence. Continue reading

The Great Declutter, part 3: D-Day

Over the northern summer I spent my eagerly anticipated month in Australia, relaxing on a much needed holiday break while also consciously thinking about the things I own, how to declutter in a meaningful way and how to spend my time in a way that balanced relaxation with family and friend time, spontaneity and community. I was so proud of the result. I returned to work feeling truly at peace with myself, for the first time in a long while. 

I arrived in Australia one wintry Wednesday night. Completely focused on my mission, I secured free wifi in my hotel room and promptly posted online ads for my mattress and bedding package as well as my bike. Within two hours I had someone interested to buy my bike and coming to meet me Thursday afternoon. It was a great start. I was so ready for Thursday to arrive. Little was I to know how smoothly things would go – preparation was everything. Continue reading